Custom Christmas Ornaments: A Festive Approach for A Successful Direct Mail Fundraiser

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Capital Design- Freemiums® is a FREE gift offered in a promotion to thank a donor. Also known as a premiums/promotional product, these FREE gifts are used in direct-mail campaigns to boost the response rate for nonprofit fundraising efforts. When thinking of the relationship between a nonprofit and its donors, you might typically think of the donors giving to the nonprofit — but the nonprofit also gives back to the donors generating gratitude, connection, and appreciation. So, give back to your donors by sending a Christmas ornament Freemium® this holiday season.

Why Christmas Decorations?

Over 94 million American households display at least 1 Christmas tree during the holiday season, says the ACTA. A Christmas ornament Freemiums® direct mail fundraising campaign can generate added funds during the season of giving while acquiring new donors as a bonus. Nearly one-third of annual giving happens in December, with the last three days of the year accounting for about 12% of yearly donations. We have seen success when Nonprofits offer their donors a FREE gift (Freemiums®) with a contribution at a certain giving level or become members of the organization. Offering your donors a gift has several benefits. It makes donors feel thanked and valued, and it also makes them feel like part of the organization’s exclusive club. If you are looking for a way to raise funds for a nonprofit organization during the fall, produce fun, creative ideas that will get your supporters excited enough to spread the word to their friends and family. Giving Christmas ornament Freemiums® is a wonderful way to help donors share their support during the holiday season.

Promotional Christmas Ornament Styles

Christmas ornament Freemiums® are a great keepsake premium that donors will use year after year. Keepsakes can bring back past childhood memories just as easily as they capture the passion and personalities of loved ones. Each year museums, hospitals, schools, animal welfare groups, and environmental organizations can alter designs creating a collection for their donors to collect each year. These designs can highlight an organization’s past and present subject matter.

Customize Christmas Ornaments for the Holidays

Some best practices to consider when putting together a Freemiums® direct mail fundraising campaign are purposeful copywriting by using the AIDA model (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action). Placing an image on the outer envelope can also create a successful campaign – prompting the donor to open their mail for more information. And always remember to go back to your organization’s mission when choosing your Christmas ornament Freemiums®. This helps donors make the connection and spread their support.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Features

There are many ornament options to choose from and to meet an organization’s overall goal. Capital Design not only specializes in direct mail fundraising but can also create the perfect gift to thank your supporters at the annual Holiday Fundraiser. From concept to completion, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure we are meeting the budget, and creating a quality product that meets the project timeline. From premium to packaging, donors will see the organization’s branding to spread the name, message, and mission.

Order Your Custom and Personalized Christmas Ornaments For Your Next Direct Mail Fundraiser

Donors will be proud to show their ongoing support by using the beautifully created ornament Freemiums® while decorating for the holidays each and every year. Contact Capital Design today for more information on Christmas ornament Freemiums®.

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