Wholesale Custom-Made Tote Bag Freemiums®

Tote Bag Freemiums® are the ideal giveaway. They are functional and branded to spread an organization’s name, message, and mission.

Our clients have successfully used lunch bags, coolers, backpacks, canvas beach totes, and grocery totes.

Tote Bag Freemiums® in the Mail

Capital Design creates one-of-a-kind custom-made tote bags designed specifically for our client’s mail programs for both Front-end and Back-end Freemium mailings. Capital Design works closely with our clients to create a successful marketing campaign. All wholesale totes are created to meet distribution needs including USPS requirements. Capital Design’s Tote Bag Freemiums® can be packaged with custom-printed inserts and custom-branded poly or paper mailers. We offer a variety of tote bag styles sold in large quantities (wholesale) to keep costs as low as possible.

Capital Design’s totes are environmentally friendly.

Capital Design offers tote bags produced from recycled material and totes that are recyclable. We can guide clients to select a material and style that meets their corporate/nonprofit objectives. We create one-of-a-kind custom-made tote bags designed specifically for our client’s non-profit, retail, corporate, and mail programs. Capital Design works closely with clients in their fulfillment and lettershops to create a seamless and successful campaign. Our in-house graphic and production team can assist in tote bag design and selecting the best tote to meet marketing goals. We offer many different tote bag types sold in large quantities (wholesale) to keep down overall costs. All our totes are durable and long-lasting. Whether it’s, a woven or non-woven grocery bag, canvas or jute tote, nylon backpack, or fold-up tote our worldwide supply chain offers top quality at the lowest costs. We handle all the work from design to delivery.

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