Nonprofit & Corporate Branding Services

We provide premier customer service to bring you direct mail Freemiums® and Back End Freemiums® that meet your mission and budget.

Production agencies and non-profit organizations turn to Capital Design for a creative approach to premium-based fundraising.

Capital Design uses state-of-the-art printing and production capabilities to deliver high-quality Freemiums® at the lowest price.

Types Of Branding Services:

In-House Graphic Design:

Capital Design has an in-house graphic design team that is ready to help build your brand’s awareness.

With access to top industry-ranked design software, we are able to assist you with concept-to-completion services for all your direct marketing needs!

Complete Mail Packages:

Capital Design provides a variety of custom-made complete mailing packages to fit your client’s needs. We work with you from the beginning to ensure your package meets all USPS regulations and client/donor customization requirements to increase response rates and ROI.

We assist with all aspects of the project including design, production, and lettershop services.

Shipping & Importing Right To Your Door:

At Capital Design we pride ourselves on meeting customer deadlines. We start communicating with you from the beginning to determine which shipping method will work best for your schedule and budget.


Capital Design has over 35 years of experience in the industry which has provided us with the best overall practices working with lettershops around the US.

We work closely with our clients to ensure all products and shipments are packed according to their specifications and arrive on time allowing for a seamless transition to the lettershop for processing.

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