Metal Freemiums - Fundraising Gift Ideas for Non-Profits, Businesses, and Corporations. Metal fundraising gift pins, buttons, keychains, and ornaments.

Wholesale Custom-Made Metal Freemiums®

For over 30 years, our clients have included custom-made Metal Freemiums® in their direct mail campaigns for nonprofit direct mail fundraising and marketing initiatives.

From inception to fulfillment, Capital Design is here to assist throughout the process to ensure the project fits the organization’s mission and branding needs.

 Metal Freemiums® for Nonprofit Fundraising

Just like Print Freemiums®, Metal Freemiums® are packaged to streamline the lettershop process, as well as create further branding opportunities for the organization. From the start of the project, Metal Freemiums® are designed to fit all US mail guidelines.

Direct mail campaigns can be costly, Capital Design is here to share our expertise in Freemiums® to assist in keeping down costs, all the while generating a high ROI for our clients. Some of our offerings consist of several styles of jewelry including pendants, necklaces, and charms as well as other Metal Freemiums® like keychains, coins, pet tags, and more.

Please contact us to inquire about any of our custom-made Metal Freemium® offerings.

Types Of Custom Metal Freemiums®:

Looking for a low-cost way to get started using Freemiums®. Check out our Printed Freemiums®.

Metal Freemiums® FAQs:

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