Back End Freemiums

Wholesale Custom-Made Back-End Freemiums®

Capital Design Back-End Freemiums® are custom-designed and produced premiums, used as a free gift to thank donors for their donation to a non-profit organization.

They increase response rates by recognizing and building donor loyalty.

Back-end Freemiums® reward and support membership and provide donor incentives to stay connected to the organization and its mission.

When successfully integrated into donor appreciation programs, high-quality Back-end Freemiums® are tangible giveaways.  

Our most popular Back-end Freemiums are Tote Bags, Grocery totes, Water bottles, Mugs, Key Chains, Puzzles, Blankets, Scarves, and Stuffed Animals.

Creating Wholesale Custom-Made Back-End Freemiums®

At Capital Design our Back-end Freemiums® are made-to-order free donor gifts, which are created with unique client artwork and logos. Our in-house design team can assist in creating custom-made Back-End Freemiums® to meet client marketing strategies, branding missions, and budgets. Our 35 years in the direct mail/marketing industry provide lettershop, fulfillment, and postal expertise. We focus on the product and packaging to minimize production, fulfillment, and postal costs. Working directly with our factory partners oversea we provide the highest quality products at the best pricing.

Have specific organization brand requirements?

The Capital Design team works closely with you to make sure that all projects fit specific brand requirements and we will provide recommendations on ways to enhance your brand awareness.

Types Of Custom Back-end Freemiums®:

Back-end Freemiums® FAQs:

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